EVERTHING for the new profile was just where I wanted it on the other partition. – Next, I changed the registry keys back to their defaults… except for one. I left the ProfileDirectory key changed to point to the other partition.

  • Youll see a Screenshot saved notification, and you can click that notification to see your Game Bar screenshots.
  • Now you have a new temporary account for yourselves.
  • On the other hand, adding a local user accountwill create a generic image.

Once you select the folder in the ProfileList, in the right pane look for “ProfileImagePath” key and see the user account that this registry key refers to. If there’s a key for the user account that has been deleted, you can safely delete that key. In this article, https://driversol.com/dll/winnsi_dll I am going to try to explain how we, with the help of some registry tweaks, can change the startup sound in Windows 10. Microsoft does not allow users to directly change startup sound from the “sounds” settings. Let me show you a way that I have had tried in recent time.

Windows: Must

However, Airshou is not available on App Store. You’d have to get it from third-party vendors. There are several apps and shortcuts available to capture the screen on Windows.

If you right-click and empty section of the desktop, the context menu that appear can be used to make various icon-related tweaks. You can see a small preview of the visual changes a theme includes, but you can expect wider changes than the preview lets on. As well as changing your desktop image and the color scheme used throughout Windows, a theme can also change your cursor and apply a new sound scheme.

This basically means that Microsoft wants to release the OS only for the devices which will be able to handle it. Microsoft’s Windows 11 is all set to be released later this year. The makers have already confirmed a set of Windows 11 requirements for its users. This is because of the upgrades that have been added to make the most of this upcoming OS.


Set delay time and use the delay to prepare for snipping. When delay time passes, the screen will turn gray, and you can take a screenshot. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can quickly access the program’s features such as snapshot, scrolling screen, or screen recording.

Screenshots Of Just The Active Window No Matter The Size:

The more you mix up letters, numbers, and symbols, the more efficient your password is. Thus, it would be harder for brutal attacks to enter into your system and steal important information. Having a long password is one of the most critical factors preventing digital attacks and protecting your personal data.